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Wellness Products to Help You Find a Healthier You

We believe that better wellness has to stand on solid science. That’s why we created Coseva.


Cosēva Clinical-Grade™ Products


As pure and concentrated sources of zeolite detoxification, Advanced TRS is a total solution for safely ridding harmful toxins from your body.


Advanced Fulvic combines the power of humic acid, fulvic acid, and targeted micronutrients into a powerful solution to support total body detoxification and immune function .


Advanced CBD is cleaner, faster acting, and more effective than regular oils or tintures, delivering one-of-a-kind, nano-enhanced benefits you can feel.

100% Purity Promise

Cosēva guarantees that our products are always 100% pure and potent. Our dedication to sourcing the finest ingredients and obsession with production quality ensure that Cosēva products are and always will be the purest, most effective products on the planet.

Science for Wellness

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